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Asked & Answered: Applying Stucco on BuildBlock ICF Forms

You can use nearly any finish including applying stucco on BuildBlock ICF Forms

Stucco can be applied directly over the ICF, without a membrane above grade; below-grade requires waterproofing). Some contractors will use paper or house wrap behind the stucco, but it’s not necessary. For traditional stucco, a mechanical attachment is required (metal lath screwed to the wall through the plastic webs, or similar attachment). The mechanical attachment is not required when using BuildCrete or other EIFS systems. BuildCrete is a single coat product applied in 3 steps.

An initial coat, essentially a scratch coat, is placed on the wall, then a fiberglass mesh is embedded into the wet BuildCrete, and Finally a top coat is applied, immediately after the mesh. The whole system will cure as 1 coat with an embedded mesh.

Other EIFS systems are similar. Stucco may also be applied over a base-coat (Durock’s B2000 or equivalent), but the mechanical attachments are still recommend due to the weight of stucco compared to EIFS.