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BuildBlock ICFs create stunning Old Florida Island Style home in Matlacha, FL

A classic Old Florida Island Style home build using BuildBlock ICFs.

Drs. Shirley and Jim Salvatore wanted an ICF home with an Old Florida Island Style. This was achieved with ICF block construction by adding wide covered porches to the ICF block shell. A metal hip roof, horizontal cement board siding painted in bright island colors, multiple windows with pocketing sliding glass doors all contributed to the island look, letting beautiful views of the surrounding bay in, on both the front and back of the home.

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]”We love the strength of the house and the local sourcing of the products to build it. Being green through its strength and permanence is a plus. The house structure was on budget and on time. We opted for ICF because it won’t rot, get eaten, corrode, burn, wash away or likely topenetrated by missiles during hurricanes. The fabulous R-value is icing on the cake,” said home owners, Drs. Shirley and Jim Salvatore. [/pullquote]


The Salvatore’s  home  in Matlacha, Florida incredibly energy efficient and insurance costs are low using BuildBlock ICFs. The Florida Energy Efficiency calculations score for this home was 25% more efficient than the standard required energy efficiency score. 

BuildBlock ICFs are ideal for southern climates. They are extremely energy efficient and disaster resistant.

Designed to meet 160 mph wind code and also comply with FEMA regulations in a flood zone, this home also has sustainable finishes such as cement board siding and composite (Azek) decking that withstand the hot and humid Florida climate. All windows and doors are wind resistant impact glass meeting the 160 mph wind code as well. 

This project proved  that ICF construction can be an ideal building method in a flood zone. Because the lower level (flood zone level) of an ICF home can be completely finished (unlike wood frame or conventional block construction) the home owner gains an incredible amount of usable space (though still under FEMA it cannot be considered living space.) Our clients are using this additional space as super-sized garages, storage for boats, bikes, kayaks, golf carts, and other vehicles, plus storage and hobby rooms, game rooms, pool storage, and workout space.

Because most islands (and other land as well) in South Florida are located in a federal flood zone, and subject to numerous hurricanes, homes on these islands tend to be built on smaller lots. The use of ICF construction is increasingly popular with home owners, for a safe strong house with additional space. ICFs are an ideal product to use in a southern climate where termites can be a year-round problem too.

This home illustrated that a classic old Florida style home can be achieved using ICF construction, in an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective way.

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