BuildBlock Field Notes: Protect Your Block

Protect your block at all times.

Doing things the right way will save yourself both time and money. BuildBlock’s Technical Director Dennis Micoff has advice on one of the critical steps when using ICFs for your footings and stem walls. Protect your block! Make sure the nubs are covered and cover the block cavity to keep debris and contamination out before you start stacking the next course. Additionally you can build your block up a additional course to keep everything higher off the ground and prevent damage to the interlocking nubs.

What happens when things are damaged?

In damaged sections, you can simply cut off the damaged areas and set the block down and spot glue it with adhesive foam. You don’t want to run a full bead of foam on the course a first because it can cause the block to lift. After you spot glue it and it dries, then you can fill the seam before you pour.