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Getting To Know: Alfonso Nieves

Alfonso Nieves
Alfonso Nieves

Today in our get-to-know we meet Alfonso Nieves, BuildBlock’s Latin American Sales Executive. Alfonso joined the BuildBlock team in October of 2013 and has been an integral part of our Latin American and GlobalBlock projects.

We finally cornered him for a sit down and asked Alfonso a few questions.

BuildBlock: Why do you want to work at BuildBlock?

Alfonso: I believe that ICF is the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way to build. Building with concrete has so many benefits and I did not think twice about taking the opportunity to educate and share this knowledge with the community and especially with other countries. It’s just exciting!

BuildBlock: How did you learn to speak Spanish?

Alfonso: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Spanish is my first language. Puerto Rico is US territory so I was born a US citizen. I came to live in the US, Savannah, GA, when I enlisted in the US Army active duty in 1996. I spent 4 years in GA, 10 years in FL and then came to Oklahoma.

BuildBlock: What are you excited about when it comes to BuildBlock’s opportunities in Spanish speaking countries?

Alfonso: I believe that BuildBlock makes the best product in the market and it is extremely exciting to have the opportunity to share and educate people in other countries about the benefits of this innovative technology and how it can change the construction process to save money, time and have a more efficient end product.

BuildBlock: How important is GlobalBlock going to be in other countries?

Alfonso: GlobalBlock is extremely important to BuildBlock and to other countries because it is the product that will allow us to introduce the technology and the rest of our product line to other countries.

BuildBlock: What changes or new ideas have you introduced since you joined BuildBlock?

Alfonso: One of the first things I had to do was understand ICFs and how we can use them in other countries. The interest in very high and I am excited. I also started taking our sales brochures and technical information and translating it for these markets. It just makes it much easier to communicate when everyone can read the same material in their native language.

BuildBlock: What other projects are you looking forward to?

Alfonso: We are going to start producing additional videos in Spanish and our staff is all working on improving their Spanish so everyone can help these projects.

BuildBlock: Any other comments?

You can learn a lot more about GlobalBlock by visiting our Spanish language site and see Spanish language version of our product information.