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BuildBlock ICFs Meet Future Building Codes Today

BuildBlock ICFs meet future building codes today and are independently tested for compliance with 2015 building codes.


Building codes are constantly evaluated and revised and BuildBlock ICFs continue exceed current code requirements and planned future building codes for energy efficiency. Every three years the IRC and IBC release updated codes. These codes are usually the basis for all state and local building codes and represent the best cost effective method of building safe and energy efficient structures.

BuildBlock’s codes compliance is evaluated through independent third-party testing by Intertek. Their Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) program and Intertek are one of the most trusted ETL marks in North America.

In Minnesota, 2015 building codes include changes in energy efficiency and radon control requirements. The updated energy code requires at least R-10 exterior and an additional R-5 inside or outside the wall. BuildBlock ICFs provide an instant R-valuerating of R-21. The 2.5” thick EPS foam on each side of the block combined with the reinforced concrete core more than doubles that performance when compared with wood.

Minnesota code updates also require better radon ventilation. BuildBlock recommends using accessories like Form-a-drain, the
3-in-1 foundation solution to form footings. This product provides integrated drainage and can be used to aid in radon ventilation.

BuildBlock ICFs also nearly eliminate air infiltration, drastically reduce sound and are disaster resistant. They install easily
and deliver energy efficiency, comfort and safety in one simple step. Energy-efficiency requirements are changing across North America. BuildBlock ICFs deliver future building code compliance now. 

BuildBlock's Compliance CodesBuildBlocks compliance codes from the Intertek research report (IRR 1003), is now CCRR 1003 after merging ATI’S CCRR (Code Compliance Research Report) program and the Intertek Research Report (IRR). 

The new BuildBlock code compliance research report number is CCRR 1003 and will now be displayed on all products. 

This new verification is one of the most trusted ETL marks in North America. BuildBlock ICFs have been approved for the 2015 CCRR 1003, Miami Dade County, Florida, and the Florida Building Commission and the City of Los Angeles product code approval; Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA), The City of Los Angeles, California, board of building and safety commissioners, and The Florida Building Commission (FBC) all have been updated from the 2012 code approvals to the current 2015 standards.

BuildBlock insulating concrete forms have been thoroughly tested by Intertek and the National Research Council of Canada and have received Evaluation Reports from Intertek and CCMC stating they are code-compliant in the United States and Canada.

Please contact our technical department with any questions. Also, see our BuildBlock Code Approval page for more code information.