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ICF Accessory Highlight: RubberCoat® a VOC Free Waterproof Coating

BuildBlock is continually looking for new ICF accessories and products to create better quality ICF structures. US-TEK Supreme Coatings recently introduced BuildBlock to RubberCoat a VOC free waterproof coating suitable for use on ICF structures. It is an innovative, safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and high-performance protective coatings for use in an extensive range of markets and applications. 

ICF Accessory Highlight: RubberCoat® a VOC Free Waterproof Coating

ICF Coated
BuildBlock ICF coated with Rubbercoat

RubberCoat® is a cold applied, liquid waterproofing product developed by CanTech Industrial Research Inc. and is formulated to be applied by brush, roller or spray. RubberCoat® is CCMC approved as a below grade water proofing product at an applied thickness of only 40 dry mils.  RubberCoat® is a non-toxic VOC Free water based elastomeric coating which displays an impressive 800% elongation and a 90% recovery capability along with high and low temperature flex.

RubberCoat® bonds to most substrates including concrete, ICF, wood, metal, and tile. This multi-function waterproof coating reduces labor burden when compared to mechanically fastened systems such as Tamko TW60. RubberCoat  spray grade application provides “instant set” capabilities when co-sprayed with CanTech’s engineered  equipment.

You can achieve your desired mil thickness without sag in a single pass. CanTech’s RubberCoat® provides a fast, safe and easy solution for all waterproofing and corrosion protection needs. Visit US -TEK SUPREME COATINGS, LLC, based in Oklahoma, is a proud distributor of RubberCoat®. For free local product demos or for more information contact: US-TEK Supreme Coatings, LLC located at for more information.

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