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ICF Construction Tip: Bracing

Key to any ICF installation is a bracing and alignment system to keep the walls straight and plumb during the pour. One of industry partners, Fab-Form, has created an updated Zont ICF Bracing System that gives you a light weight, cost effective method of bracing Insulated Concrete Form wall using site available 2x4s.


The Zont ICF bracing system consists of three components:

  • Zont Waler Brackets: hold horizontal 2×4 walers and vertical 2×4 strongbacks solidly against the ICF wall.
  • Zuckle Wall Aligners: plumb the strongbacks to align the wall to the stringline.
  • 2×4 Walers & Strongbacks: held in the Zont bracket and flatten the wall.


If you’re in need of a bracing system for your ICF installation head over to the BuildBlock website for more information!