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ICF Pool Construction in 25 Steps

ICF Pool Construction Made Easy

As part of our ongoing to commitment to ICF education, BuildBlock is proud to present this abbreviated walkthrough of the ICF pool building process. Many of the principles and techniques of traditional ICF construction apply to pool construction. Think of an ICF pool in the same way that you would an ICF basement, except you are going to keep water on the inside instead of the outside. The steps below are meant to offer a very simple, very broad overview of the building process. For a slightly expanded version, you can take our ICF Pool Construction in 25 Steps Training Course, available now at BuildBlock is currently working on a full ICF pool installation manual and subsequential training materials to be released in 2018.

Insulating Concrete Form Swimming Pools are growing in popularity. ICFs are one of the most versatile building products on the market and homeowners are being drawn to the many benefits that an ICF pool can provide.  

  • Reduce energy costs by 60%.
  • Prevents more than 80% of the heat loss from the pool.
  • Easily extend your pool season.
  • Simple to build with, construction time is cut in half. 
  • Any design is possible with 

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