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Project Spotlight: Building an ICF Castle Part 3

BuildBlock ICFs were critical to hold up 150,000 pound slate & copper roof.

The Drew Castle in southeastern Michigan tour continues.  In parts one and two Mike and Sue Drew showed us the inspiration for their dream castle and many of its features. Now we learn why BuildBlock ICFs  and other materials we used to make this castle stand for centuries. 

Staying true to the traditional castle design, the Drews had to do plenty of research about slate roofing. Mike explains that the , “Slate Roof Bible” was his guide. It taught lessons about slate roofing must be nailed into at least 1″ thick solid lumber for support because OSB and plywood will not last.  Additionally, he used copper nails with the treated lumber since lumber is treated with copper, they they don’t react with each other. Mike also explains his particular placement of the slate roof gutters and snow guards to prevent accidents in Michigan’s winter weather.

See the castles beautiful window, inspired from a trip to Portugal, beaming natural light into the castle. Mike explains he spent a year worrying about the window fitting into the granite. The tour ends with a carefully designed bar room that connects to the master suite. Catch up on Parts 1 and Part 2 on our blog and see more in our next feature!

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