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Scottish Style BuildBlock ICF Castle in Connecticut

ICF Castles as unique as they are, have been quite popular lately for BuildBlock Building Systems. This Scottish Castle in New Canaan, Connecticut is now our second ICF castle. This BuildBlock ICF Castle in Connecticut is 6,200 sq ft and is made entirely of ICFs including the obvious castle features like the turret, battlement,  parapet and crow step gables. The architect of this castle was Leigh Overland. This project was featured on local Channel 12 news see that video here:  Castles were created for protection against invaders. ICFs create this same feeling especially in ICF Castles. The castle was recently completed in December 2015 after battling


Drew Castle Photo Documentary – Eastern Michigan

See the Drew Castle built with BuildBlock ICFs from start to finish through this photo gallery. Also see the Drew Castle video series part 1-4 on our blog!


Project Spotlight: Building an ICF Castle Part 4

 Micheal and Sue Drew are building an ICF castle to last, but wish they would have done ICFs all the way up to the gables. Micheal and Sue Drew are building an ICF castle in eastern Michigan. Being the last video of the series, we learn why they initially chose to use ICFs and what they would have done differently. Mike says, ” The framing is never as good, is never as tight and is never as strong as ICFs, it just isn’t. That’s the one thing I regret is not doing the gables in ICF”. He demonstrates how the quality of


Project Spotlight: Building an ICF Castle Part 3

BuildBlock ICFs were critical to hold up 150,000 pound slate & copper roof. The Drew Castle in southeastern Michigan tour continues.  In parts one and two Mike and Sue Drew showed us the inspiration for their dream castle and many of its features. Now we learn why BuildBlock ICFs  and other materials we used to make this castle stand for centuries.  Staying true to the traditional castle design, the Drews had to do plenty of research about slate roofing. Mike explains that the , “Slate Roof Bible” was his guide. It taught lessons about slate roofing must be nailed into at least 1″ thick


Project Spotlight: Building an ICF Castle Part 2

 More to see inside the construction of an ICF castle using BuildBlock ICFs As we’ve seen from the first video, building a comfortable home large or small with BuildBlock ICFs is possible with any design. Our look inside the castle continues upstairs as we look at the guest wing and master suite. The castle has a total of four bedrooms, three guest bedrooms and the master.The interior design was inspired by trips to a historic hotel, the homeowners wanted to create a space for their guests where they could be comfortable. Each of the guest bedrooms will have a built-in kitchenette similar to many hotels. One


Project Spotlight: Building an ICF Castle Part 1

How to build a modern energy efficient castle using BuildBlock ICFs In southeastern Michigan, homeowners Michael and Sue Drew started on a journey more than three years ago. “Initially, we wanted to build a small 1,000 square foot Frank Lloyd Wright inspired cottage on the property. We went all they way through the design process, but just couldn’t make it work on the site.”  Once they decided a different sort of home was needed, the search began. That search took them to a unique home designer based in Oklahoma, Dan Tyree. Dan specializes in designing imaginative modern castles, beach, and craftsman homes throughout the


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