BuildBlock IRC-IBC Code Compliance Research Report Updated

BuildBlock's Compliance Codes

BuildBlock IRC-IBC code compliance research report updated from Intertek Research Report (IRR-1003) to the new Code Compliance Research Report CCRR-1003. After Intertek and ATI completed their corporate merger, the IRR and CCRR reports were also merged.  BuildBlock IRC-IBC Code Compliance Research Report updated to reflect compliance with new codes and standards. BuildBlock’s new code compliance research report number is CCRR-1003 and will now be displayed on all products labels. This new verification is one of the most trusted ETL marks in North America. The Code Compliance Research Report ensures that BuildBlock products comply with the 2015 International Residential Code and the International Building Code product standards. Currently BuildBlock has


BuildBlock IRC/IBC Code Approvals Updated to 2012

2012 IBC Builidng Codes Cover

BuildBlock Products 2012 IRC/IBC Code Approval Renewed BuildBlock ICFs received 2012 IRC/IBC code approval renewals through Intertek one of seventeen accredited Product Certification Agencies (PCA) providing product evaluation reports under the International Accreditation Service (IAS). (Oklahoma City, OK, April 16, 2014) BuildBlock Building Systems is proud to announce Intertek has updated code evaluation reports for all BuildBlock products bringing the 2009 compliance current to 2012. All BuildBlock products are now currently certified for the 2012 IRC (International Residential Code) and 2012 IBC (International Building Code). Intertek like the ICC is one of seventeen accredited organizations providing product evaluation reports under the