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BuildBlock IRC-IBC Code Compliance Research Report Updated

BuildBlock's Compliance Codes

BuildBlock IRC-IBC code compliance research report updated from Intertek Research Report (IRR-1003) to the new Code Compliance Research Report CCRR-1003. After Intertek and ATI completed their corporate merger, the IRR and CCRR reports were also merged. 

BuildBlock IRC-IBC Code Compliance Research Report updated to reflect compliance with new codes and standards. BuildBlock’s new code compliance research report number is CCRR-1003 and will now be displayed on all products labels. This new verification is one of the most trusted ETL marks in North America. The Code Compliance Research Report ensures that BuildBlock products comply with the 2015 International Residential Code and the International Building Code product standards.

2015 BuildBlock Product LabelCurrently BuildBlock has the following code approvals in North America:

  • Miami/Dade County – NOA- No. 08-0519.03
  • Florida Building Commission (FBC)
  • City of Los Angeles – RR-25995
  • City of New York – MEA No. 293-07-M
  • Wisconsin Building Product Evaluation – No. 200610-I
  • Canadian Construction Materials Centre – CCMC 13283-R

BuildBlock insulating concrete forms have been thoroughly tested by Intertek and the National Research Council of Canada and have received Evaluation Reports from Intertek and CCMC stating they are code compliant in the United States and Canada.

Please contact our technical department with any questions. Also, see the BuildBlock Code Approval page for more code information.