ICF Accessory Highlight: RubberCoat® a VOC Free Waterproof Coating

BuildBlock is continually looking for new ICF accessories and products to create better quality ICF structures. US-TEK Supreme Coatings recently introduced BuildBlock to RubberCoat a VOC free waterproof coating suitable for use on ICF structures. It is an innovative, safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and high-performance protective coatings for use in an extensive range of markets and applications.  ICF Accessory Highlight: RubberCoat® a VOC Free Waterproof Coating RubberCoat® is a cold applied, liquid waterproofing product developed by CanTech Industrial Research Inc. and is formulated to be applied by brush, roller or spray. RubberCoat® is CCMC approved as a below grade water proofing product at an applied thickness


Asked & Answered: Is there an advantage to using wood bucks for window/door openings versus BuildBuck?


The majority of heat loss in an ICF home comes through wall openings such as windows and doors. You want to ensure that you have maintained as much insulation as possible around your openings. We have recommended V-buck for a number of years, but sadly they are no longer in business. Disadvantages of wood window and door bucking Wood is an organic food source for mold, mildew, and other hazards. Wood is a potential food source for infestations such as termites. Wood will also decay over time and there is a potential for wood to react to the chemicals in concrete causing damage. During