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60 Years of Tornadoes & Disasters Visualized

ICFs provide one of the best protections from all forms of disaster. That’s just one reason we’re so interested in seeing how those disasters affect all of us. Since we are based in Oklahoma we have always been fascinated with Tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, and more That’s why when we came across these really cool visualizations of tornadoes we couldn’t resist sharing it. View and enjoy! And remember, big bad Mother Nature can huff and puff, but she’s not going to blow your ICF house down. We are always looking at new ways to demonstrate the wrath of Mother Nature. Tornadoes,


EPCOT – Building Code History

Advances in building codes and ideas come from many places. Some of those more unexpected than others. In the late 1960s as planning and design for what we now know as EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) at Disney World,  taking a new look at building codes and ideas was central to the park’s design. Special legislation from the Florida Legislature made this possible. Exploring new ways of thinking and creating environments to collaborate is what continually drives innovation. EPCOT Building Code The “EPCOT Building Codes” were implemented to provide the sort of flexibility that the innovative community of EPCOT