BuildBlock ICF Home Comfortable in Southern Heat

    This BuildBlock ICF Home Comfortable in Southern Heat with 45% humidity inside on a 100+ degree & 90% humidity South Carolina days. The home resembles triple wythe masonry, which is common in Charleston architecture and engineering. The window jambs and door details have the “Classical Architecture” and Old World look. Concrete is fundamental to architecture and engineering. The ICF forms might seem novel to some, but it makes perfect sense once you see them in action. The New Orleans/Charleston style chosen for this project was dictated by the community patterns,  and ICFs made it all the more simple to


Asked & Answered: Applying Stucco on BuildBlock ICF Forms


You can use nearly any finish including applying stucco on BuildBlock ICF Forms Stucco can be applied directly over the ICF, without a membrane above grade; below-grade requires waterproofing). Some contractors will use paper or house wrap behind the stucco, but it’s not necessary. For traditional stucco, a mechanical attachment is required (metal lath screwed to the wall through the plastic webs, or similar attachment). The mechanical attachment is not required when using BuildCrete or other EIFS systems. BuildCrete is a single coat product applied in 3 steps. An initial coat, essentially a scratch coat, is placed on the wall, then a fiberglass mesh is


BuildBlock ICFs create stunning Old Florida Island Style home in Matlacha, FL

Island Style Home

Drs. Shirley and Jim Salvatore wanted an ICF home with an Old Florida Island Style. This was achieved with ICF block construction by adding wide covered porches to the ICF block shell. A metal hip roof, horizontal cement board siding painted in bright island colors, multiple windows with pocketing sliding glass doors all contributed to the island look, letting beautiful views of the surrounding bay in, on both the front and back of the home.   The Salvatore’s  home  in Matlacha, Florida incredibly energy efficient and insurance costs are low using BuildBlock ICFs. The Florida Energy Efficiency calculations score for this