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BuildBlock ICFs Meet Future Building Codes Today

BuildBlock ICFs meet future building codes today and are independently tested for compliance with 2015 building codes. Building codes are constantly evaluated and revised and BuildBlock ICFs continue exceed current code requirements and planned future building codes for energy efficiency. Every three years the IRC and IBC release updated codes. These codes are usually the basis for all state and local building codes and represent the best cost effective method of building safe and energy efficient structures. BuildBlock’s codes compliance is evaluated through independent third-party testing by Intertek. Their Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) program and Intertek are one of the most trusted ETL marks in North America. In Minnesota, 2015 building codes include changes


ICF Accessory Highlight: RubberCoat® a VOC Free Waterproof Coating

BuildBlock is continually looking for new ICF accessories and products to create better quality ICF structures. US-TEK Supreme Coatings recently introduced BuildBlock to RubberCoat a VOC free waterproof coating suitable for use on ICF structures. It is an innovative, safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and high-performance protective coatings for use in an extensive range of markets and applications.  ICF Accessory Highlight: RubberCoat® a VOC Free Waterproof Coating RubberCoat® is a cold applied, liquid waterproofing product developed by CanTech Industrial Research Inc. and is formulated to be applied by brush, roller or spray. RubberCoat® is CCMC approved as a below grade water proofing product at an applied thickness


Press Release: BuildBlock Building Systems Ranks Top ICF Structural System in GreenBuilder Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BuildBlock Building Systems Ranks Top ICF Structural System in GreenBuilder Magazine Oklahoma City, OK – BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms, (ICFs) ranked as top ICF Structural System in the 2015 Readers Choice Survey by GreenBuilder Magazine. This annual brand awareness survey of Green building professionals, chose the greenest structural system products and BuildBlock ICFs are ranked at the top of the ICF list. Other structural systems in the category include engineered wood, SIP (structural insulated panels) and of course ICFs. GreenBuilder Magazine reads, “ICF manufacturers are just as popular as those offering engineered wood. ICF and SIP systems, once


Santa Fe, New Mexico Green Building with BuildBlock ICFs

Green building is extremely popular throughout the southwestern United States and leading the charge is Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Maffie project is another testimony of the growing ICF industry in New Mexico. The homeowner was not familiar with ICFs however after being presented with all of the benefits, they made the decision to proceed. The homeowner was very happy with the end result and is especially pleased by the overall feel that ICFs brought to the home. The exceptional insulation value and quietness of the home are daily reminders of the technology behind the walls.  This project uses ICF construction as traditional Pueblo or


Asked & Answered: What is the Sound Performance of BuildBlock ICFs?


In general, it is important to limit noise and sound transmission through walls. While important in residential structures, this is especially critical in certain commercial structures such as hospitals, movie theaters, concert halls,hotels and airports that require substantial noise reduction. Homes built on noisy streets or near interstate highways will benefit from reduced sound transmission. Lastly, many builders are using BuildBlock ICFs for sound proofing in interior rooms such as a home theaters and media rooms.  Insulating Concrete Forms, (ICFs) can be used to construct nearly any type of building, and offer a wealth of benefits to the builder and the


BuildBlock ICF Above Ground Safe Rooms

Tornado season is upon us, and once again, we in the Midwest and Southeast will see thunderstorms forming and rolling across the plains, and we will look up and wonder if that is just a low hanging cloud, or something more ominous. Safety is of primary concern during a tornado.  It is an immensely powerful, destructive force, which can devastate anything in its path. Historically we in the plains states have been told to move to the middle of your home and either open or close windows depending on who you have listened to.  If you had the luxury of


Florida Homeowners Embrace BuildBlock ICFs Benefits

These Florida homeowners embrace BuildBlock ICFs benefits for hurricane and disaster resistance, construction speed, and energy efficiency. This Mediterranean style Florida home was designed to withstand hurricane force winds in the area. When the homeowner understood the safety and efficiency of the wall system, they chose BuildBlock ICFs. Their architect was able to easily incorporate the home owners visions with the practicality of the ICF system. The wood roof is insulated with Icynene foam and is secured to the wall system with embedded Simpson hurricane straps in the concrete. All doors and windows were designed with hurricane rated, impact resistant glass. The ICF


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