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BuildBlock Exhibits New Products at 2016 International Builders Show & 2016 World of Concrete

2016 IBS Show (5)
BuildBlock ICFs at the 2016 National Association of Home Builders International Builders Show

BuildBlock ICF products were on display during the 2016 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Show (IBS) held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in late January and the 2016 World of Concrete held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in early February.

BuildBlock introduced and demonstrated 5 new products at the show:

  • BuildBlock Hardwall Connector
  • BuildShield ICF Termite Barrier
  • BuildShield ICF Firestop Barrier
  • BuildBuck the longest foam buck on the market
  • BuildRadius Arc Radius Forms

“We continually look for problems that need to be solved in our industry and then create the best solutions for them.” states Mike Garrett, BuildBlock CEO. “BuildBlock has been incredibly busy designing these products for the past year. Bringing everything together over the last few months has been exciting. Launching new products from concept to production in such a short time is one of the true strengths of this company.”

BuildBlock ICFs at the 2016 World of Concrete
BuildBlock ICFs at the 2016 World of Concrete

BuildBlock Hardwall Connector

The BuildBlock Hardwall connector is used to create a finished concrete wall on one side and an ICF wall on the other. We refined this solution based on feedback from customers using our products. The new connector creates a very small space in the face of the wall with a removable cap that can be patched to create a finished concrete face.

BuildShield Termite Barrier

BuildShield Termite Barrier combines an adhesive stainless steel barrier with an extrusion track to keep the material in place during the pour to prevent termites from travelling unobserved through EPS foam behind interior or exterior finishes. The plastic track and stainless steel are each impervious to termites and when combined are an unbeatable solution. 

Termites are one of the biggest challenges in some areas of the country for any type of building material. ICFs are not a food source for termites, but they can tunnel through the foam staying hidden and searching for wood if they are not stopped. Previous solutions included harmful chemicals added to the foam during production or expensive meshes. 

BuildShield Firestop Protection

BuildShield FireStop combines a patent-pending combination of a vinyl extrusion track and an adhesive stainless steel barrier at the top of a wall or floor transition to prevent hot gasses or sparks from spreading fire into an attic or space between floors. BuildShield FireStop combines an extruded PVC plastic track with an adhesive stainless steel material that is applied  near the top of the ICF wall in an above grade course. The track supports the stainless steel material on both sides of the foam block extending on one side into the concrete core. The other edge of the track extends outward to the edge of the wall finish. The track is scored to allow easy trimming depending on finish options to allow adjustments for most applications.

BuildBuck ICF Door & Window Bucking

BuildBuck ICF Door & Window Bucking is an integrated ICF bucking solution for residential & commercial projects. Providing continuous insulation along the full length of the buck, BuildBuck is two-inches thick providing an insulated barrier for all openings. The buck features three primary attachment areas across the face of the buck every 6-inches in the center and on each side as well as full-length attachment on each side. Foam guides properly align BuildBuck and the ICF blocks. A molded-in sealing member works with flashing to seal against moisture intrusion. The full length molded tape measure and cut lines makes cutting the buck to size simple and straightforward.

BuildRadius Arc Radius Forms

BuildRadius is a family of radius forms for use in BuildBlock ICF walls and pool construction. The BuildRadius forms create 2’, 4’, 8’, 12’, 16’, and 20’ arcs. Each of these blocks interlocks into any BuildBlock 6” product line and uses the standard BuildBlock webs. Available in 6” widths initially, these forms are designed to ease construction of energy-efficient ICF pools, southwest-style homes, bay windows, circular staircases, and provide options when designing unique areas in ICF homes.

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