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Form-A-Drain (FAD) Accessory Product Changes

The Form-A-Drain (FAD) product is no longer available with fabric attached to the lineals.

This change to FAD happened for several reasons. There is a tendency for the fabric to blow off, or otherwise become unattached in shipping, variance of codes around the country and detailing different application scenarios for the fabric.

Some jurisdictions prefer to have the fabric attached directly at the FAD, while others prefer to have a layer of stone against the drainage system, with silt cloth laid over the stone. With the variance in codes, and the storage and manufacturing issues with keeping two nearly identical products in stock, the decision was made to drop the fabric, and leave it up to the local jurisdictions to define their own requirements for silt protection.

Additionally, a “Sock” is available at many home centers for corrugated pipe, that can also be used with FAD, and this simpler application meets many of the goals of the attached fabric, and is available locally to those jurisdictions that prefer the fabric closer to the drain line rather than over the stone.


FAD Fabric (2) 

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