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Getting to Know Ramona Kinney

In this edition of Getting to Know, we meet Ramona Kinney. Ramona Kinney returned to BuildBlock in January as the Administrative Assistant.

We asked Ramona a few questions about her role on the BuildBlock team.


BuildBlock: Why did you want to work at BuildBlock?

Ramona: I have many  many strengths to contribute to the team. More importantly, I have a love for people, an ability to anticipate the needs of others, and have great organizational skills.

BuildBlock: What did you do before you worked at BuildBlock?

Ramona: I have 30 years of retail management experience and several years as an administrative assistant for the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative.

BuildBlock: What are some of your interests?

Ramona: I have a passion for helping others and having a positive effect in peoples lives. I have dedicated many years working as a Domestic Violence Advocate for the YWCA, winning the Volunteer of the Year award. I even do some outreach work as a public speaker, talking to high schools, universities and organizations about building self-esteem and sharing my own experience surviving domestic violence.

BuildBlock: What do you do on your spare time?

Ramona: I enjoy doing door to door ministry, helping people in the community learn God’s word and then apply what they learn. I  also enjoy spending time with family, playing board games and just being together.