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Press Release: Musgrave Agencies Wins First Runner up Press Release: Light Commercial Project Using BuildBlock ICFs at the 2014 National ICF Builder Awards


Musgrave Agencies Wins First Runner up Light Commercial Project Using BuildBlock ICFs at the 2014 National ICF Builder Awards

Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada—BuildBlock Building System’s Musgrave Agencies project receives First Runner Up for Light Commercial at the National ICF Builder Awards in Las Vegas, NV.  Each year in conjunction of the World of Concrete tradeshow held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) awards ceremony takes place. The Builder Awards competition is an event to showcase the innovation, quality and energy-efficiency of ICF construction and promote them as a sustainable, durable and attractive building material. This year BuildBlock won two awards: The Musgrave Agencies project and Best Large Residential the Ker Thompson home, located in Houston, TX.

Musgrave Agencies is a family owned and managed real estate and land Development Company in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. This building was built for both aesthetics and comfort for its occupants but also wanted to incorporate long lasting sustainable technologies like BuildBlock ICFs, R-40 roof insulation, foam under slab insulation to energy efficient windows 

Brian Robinson, the general contractor for Musgrave Agencies said, “This ICF project exceeded anything conventional framing could deliver”.

With almost more windows than walls, the windows are actually one of the most unique features and were important in selecting BuildBlock ICFs. Because of the multitude of large windows, it was important to engineer a wall system to support the sheer size and number of windows. After careful evaluations of other building materials, only Buildblock ICFs could satisfy the energy efficient goals and strength to support the windows with the advantages of the 6-inch on center web design, high density attachment points and tight interlock. This project was a testament to the BuildBlock design with the significant number of corners; the blocks made the pour straightforward and free of any incident. The other challenge during this process is the high winds that frequent the area. Not only did this require significant bracing, but blown snow removal was a hassle through much of the project. This project was built during an extremely cold and snowy winter and completed on time and on budget

The ICFs were installed by Carson Butterwick, with Butterwick Brothers Construction, Carson said, “The greatest challenge for construction was finding days where the temperature, snow, and wind were mild enough to build”. 

BuildBlock® Building Systems LLC is the manufacturer of BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) the most environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and disaster resistant methods of residential and commercial construction. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, BuildBlock serves North America through its 14 manufacturing facilities located in Colorado, Arizona, Massachusetts, Idaho, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, California, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina and Canada. More information about BuildBlock® Insulating Concrete Forms can be found at or call 866-222-2575

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