How to use ICFs


So you’ve decided to build your home. Great! Now you are curious about the best way to use ICFs. What’s most cost-effective? Where will they make the most difference?


Build an ICF Safe Room & Foundation

ICF Safe Rooms are like any other room in your home: master bathroom, bedroom, closet, pantry, media room and more.

A temperature controlled room that isn’t musty or damp inside your home for your family’s safety. No worries about moving cars and climbing down into a hole in your garage, ICF safe rooms can be above ground or in your basement. ICF safe rooms also prevent you from being trapped under debris in your garage waiting for rescue.

ICF Safe Rooms are like any other room in your home. Master bathroom, bedroom, closet, pantry, media room and more. Building a safe room doesn’t mean building an ugly bunker. Using ICFs, you can finish this room however you would like and use it as a part of your home each day. 



Build an ICF Basement and Foundation

Build your crawlspace or basement with ICFs and create a safe place for you and your family. Highly energy-efficient ICF basements typically are drier with lower humidity than standard basements. ICF basements are insulated, waterproof, quiet, and an excellent value.

ICF basements let you maximize the square footage of your home regardless of your lot size.



Build all outside walls using ICFs for maximum savings.

Build all outside walls of your home using ICFs. The insulation below ground in your foundation or basement are even greater above ground.
Any cost difference is recouped within the first 3-5 years of owning your home. The actual out of pocket cost difference is offset by energy savings alone compared to wood frame construction.

This means while your mortgage might be slightly higher, the monthly utility bills will be substantially lower and your total monthly out of pocket costs are the same.
Benefits such as safety from disaster, noise reduction, improved indoor air quality, and peace of mind begin immediately and never stop.



How to use ICFs February 12, 2014