EPS Foam Significantly More Energy Efficient Than XPS

There are many reasons BuildBlock ICFs are the premiere ICFs on the market, our use of EPS foam is one of those reasons.        As reported by Concrete Construction, “what makes EPS and XPS different is their manufacturing processes. EPS uses steam and the blowing agent pentane to expand polystyrene resin beads and subsequently mold them into blocks, which can later be cut to size. XPS, on the other hand, processes melted polystyrene resin through an extruder and expands it, using blowing agents. There are key differences between EPS and XPS—most importantly, moisture resistance, environmental impact, long-term R-value, compressive


Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) Swimming Pools: Getting the Most Splash for Your Cash

ICF swimming pools

Insulating Concrete Forms are frequently used for many structures around homes and commercial buildings. BuildBlock customers have constructed retaining walls, fences and gates, fire pits and more. We’ve had an increase in request for information around ICF swimming pools. ICFs in swimming pools not only speed up construction, but the insulating foam prevents more than 80% of the heat loss of the pool. This means it’s much cheaper to heat your pool, but also extends the length of the pool season. “ICFs have been used from swimming pools since the very beginning of the industry.” ICF Builder Magazine, July 2013 In the


BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide


The BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide is your quick installation reference in the field. This guide gives puts all the basic installation information at your fingertips: Footings, Course Placement, Door & Windows Openings, Rebar, Bracing & Alignment, and Concrete Pouring. This handy guide is no replacement BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual, but it is a great quick reference in the field. Order copies today for installers and customers. BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide Step 1: Footing or Slab Footing or slab must be level for best results (within 1/4” in all directions). Establish wall locations on footing or slab with chalk line. Place packaged


Video: 2012 ICF Builder Award Winners

BuildBlock was honored to receive four finalists in the 2012 ICF Builder Award Competition by ICF Builder Magazine.  The Builder Awards competition is an annual event designed to showcase the innovation, quality, and energy-efficiency of ICF construction, and promote them as a sustainable, durable and attractive building material. Winners were chosen in four categories: Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Unlimited Residential, Large Residential, Small Residential,  Multi-Family, and Development. BuildBlock projects recognized in this competition were The Commons at Seashell Drive in Port Aransas, Texas, Xavier College New Founders Hall in Phoenix, AZ, and the Zemke Residence in Sandown, New Hampshire. Each project will be featured on our blog


Designing Spaces: Building One ‘Block’ at a Time…

Designing Spaces goes on site in Arizona with Correspondent David Crow to get a look at ICF construction. Athena Davis from BuildBlock Building Systems takes us on a tour of a home under construction and to visit a new home to show the advantages of using ICF; Insulating Concrete Forms. We also see how ICF is more resistant to the forces of nature, provides superior thermal insulation and contributes to a betterment of lifestyle. Building One ‘Block’ at a Time… Click here to see the Designing Spaces feature on BuildBlock Building Systems. At Designing Spaces we know how important it